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16 12 2018

Sergio Rossi Guangzhou K11 Boutique Grand Opening

Address: Shop L103A, 1st floor, K11 Art Mall, Guangzhou

It is in the DNA of the brand that is for the definition of the new concept for Sergio Rossi. Elegance, femininity, craftsmanship combine and blend into the design of the new image of Sergio Rossi, up to define every detail as well as in creative and constructive path of the shoe. The boutique is transformed into a cozy, contemporary setting, defined by real and natural materials like solid wood in walnut and Italian marble. anti bird netThe elegant concept store is conceived with the creative support of the famous architect and the interior designer, to best convey the image of the brand, which with the initiative Sr1 aims to enhance its DNA, representing a feminine and glamorous woman in her everyday life.

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